You are the star of your story.
We help you look like
the leading lady.


Desire star status? Book a talented Brite Beauty that travels to wherever you are!
Our Beauty Makers will help you feel and look your finest, by providing on-location hair and makeup services for your upcoming special event.

Wedding? Birthday party? Gala? Photo Shoot? Speaking Event? Date night?

Brite Bar Beauty is here to help!
You know the feeling you get when you walk into a room and all eyes are on you? That feeling is what we strive to provide you at Brite Bar. In moments like those, you are empowered and easily inspired to accomplish big things!

Our glam squad will travel to you and start the pre-party! Are you getting ready with friends? Great! For a crew of 4 or more, we’ll bring a complimentary bottle of champagne! (non-alcoholic sparkling available)

We may enter as strangers but we leave as friends.


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Who is at our Beauty Bar?
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What’s our story?


Marsi Hubbard:
The Owner

Customer satisfaction through beauty is my passion and my joy. My motto: Create, Connect, and Inspire. I worked behind the chair for many years back in Lubbock, Texas, and seeing my clients transform through my work was - and still is - my ultimate happiness! Customers would leave feeling and looking better, walking out of the salon with their head held high - connected to their inner confidence through their outer appearance.  

The idea to bring a boutique beauty experience to the customer came to mind years ago, and it has been such a rewarding experience to watch Brite Bar come to fruition! Women don’t always have the knowledge, time, or quite honestly the desire to do their own hair and makeup for life’s memorable moments…enter the glam squad! During the glam session, aka, pre-party, our team helps our customer discover their inner light through their outer shine.

So why the bar? A bar in a social context is a place of gathering where people come to connect. At Brite Bar Beauty, we bring our mobile bar to you. We can also provide pop-up sessions upon request. We love a good time, so when we come to serve, we bring the party with a bottle of champagne and our Kissable Cocktail collection. Kissable Cocktails are liquid lipsticks in matte, creme, and gloss. Our colors, named for drinks, come with a recipe cocktail card so you can sip and stir while wearing the perfect pout.